Monday, December 27, 2010

Updates in 2010

We sure have learned this year that we must learn to make blogging more of a priority in the upcoming year. We have noticed from our dates that we just haven't done well with the task yet. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. We want this to be about some of the updates that have happened in 2010.

First we will start with Bonanza. Bonanzle as it once was called changed it's name to Bonanza in the Fall. So our new address there is We have over 475 items listed there at this time with more to come. It is really a fun place to list items and is very community orientated. We enjoy having our items there. Come visit us soon.

The biggest news and changes have been on Zibbet. You can find us there at Zibbet has made many great changes over the past year to make it easier for the seller and the buyer. You can now find things much easier with a great search feature. You can also find things better on our site there by our categories. We love Zibbet! We mainly sell wedding hair supplies on Zibbet, which many can also be worn as daily wear. We also sell our own handmade jewels there, which we are working on expanding one of these days. Being blind, it makes it a challenge to make your own jewelry, but we know it is possible as we have made some, but we hope increase the number of handmade items in 2011. We dream big! We think you will enjoy the changes that Zibbet has made over the past year. Come check us out there.

We added a helper at Jewels So Sweet in 2010. Her name is Claudia Paz. She is a gal I have been mentoring since she was in elementary school. She is now a Freshman! Where does the time go? Claudia is a great help. She is with us 2 days a week and is very instrumental in helping with orders, organizing, cleaning, packaging, filing, etc. She is learning a lot and we are too! She is a great asset and we are so happy to have her. Most likely your order was picked, packed and shipped by Claudia.

As we mentioned we now have over 475 products now with more to be listed. We have selected only quality items to sell to you. We think we have done a great job picking items that make a great variety - something for every gal out there. We also believe we have stuck to items that are in good taste with style and appeal. It is important for us to offer you quality, variety, and style at a great price. We have worked really hard not to have any item sell for more than $20.00. You will be very pleased with all our incredible prices. You just can beat the quality, variety and style for the price. 475 items is a lot of products to select from. It is a good thing they are all sorted by the type of item they are on both of our selling sites.

There is more to come...... up next we will talk about our goals for 2011. We have already given you the first one - to be a better blogger! What else does Jewels So Sweet have in store for you in the New Year?